4 Reasons why Green Tea is Good for Weight Loss

4 Reasons why Green Tea is Good for Weight Loss

Based on studies, green tea is the second top drink consumed globally, following water. That’s probably because it promises to melt away unwanted pounds for one’s slimmer and sexier version. It’s known to have lots of health benefits including losing weight. Because of this, many should be wondering, is green tea good for weight loss?

It’s true that it has substances that aids in metabolism, leading to weight loss, but it’s not a replacement for exercise and healthy diet. In most cases, nutritionists recommend it in daily food intake for added weight loss effects. Want to know what weight loss tea works and how it can help your weight loss goals? Here are some reasons.

Green Tea Helps Prevent Fat Absorption

To answer the question “is green tea good for weight loss?”, let’s talk about the substances found in green tea. It is known to have a high concentrate of polyphenols or catechins compared to other types of tea. Polyphenols are active ingredients that are responsible for weight loss as it prevents the absorption of body fat and increases body temperature. Fat absorption is the main reason why people are overweight and obese.

Green tea is also a good source for caffeine which helps your body burn more calories and fats. Based on studies, people burn 9 more calories with every 100 mg of caffeine intake. It’s good to take note that most of these studies were conducted on animals and green tea’s weight loss benefits for humans remain uncertain.

Green Tea Helps Remove Fat from Fat Cells

To know where to start weight loss, the body needs to enhance the fat burning processes, and the fats must be broken down and to move straight into the bloodstream. Green tea has active compounds that can help make this process faster by boosting the effects of fat burning hormones.

The antioxidant called EGCG helps in inhibiting an enzyme which breaks down the norepinephrine hormone. This hormone is what the nervous system uses to signal the fat cells to start breaking down the fat. This is how weight loss works: As the enzyme is inhibited, the number of norepinephrine increases.

Note: As mentioned above, green tea is a good source of caffeine and it is known that EGCG works well with caffeine as it enhances the process. So, is green tea good for weight loss? The answer is: Yes!

Green Tea Helps Boost the Body’s Metabolic Rate

So, where does weight loss start? Let’s find out. It’s a fact that our body is constantly burning calories even while it’s at rest or even during sleep. This is because our cells need energy to perform its functions for the body. There are studies that claim that green tea helps the body burn more calories than usual.

In most of these studies, green tea helps increase the human body’s metabolic rate by 3 to 4 percent. For someone who burns 1000 calories every day, 3 to 4 percent is at least an additional 30-40 calories burnt per day.

Note: Although the studies only lasted for a short time (3 days at most), there are those who claim that their metabolism kept their metabolic rate high in the long term.

Green Tea Can Help You Lose Harmful Abdominal Fat

Green tea’s results in the actual pounds lost are not noteworthy. There are studies where people lost weight and there are also studies that show no progress. However, it’s important to take note that not all fats in the body are the same. There is subcutaneous fat that is found under the skin and there is also visceral fat that is found around the organs in the belly area.

Visceral fats a.k.a. belly fat is the harmful type of fats as it can cause inflammation as well as builds resistance to insulin. These symptoms are directly connected to heart diseases and diabetes which are the top 2 causes of death in most countries.

The good news about all these green tea studies is that those people who were part of the group lost a significant amount of visceral fat. This proves that green tea promotes a healthy body and is good at eliminating harmful fats that can lead to diseases. Is green tea good for weight loss? It sure is good for your health.


Most people ask the question, “is green tea good for weight loss?” and although the evidence is not that strong enough, it is true that green tea is a healthy drink. It’s natural, organic and has a lot of great health benefits for the body compared to coffee and soda. Green tea is sure to help you make your exercise and diet program even more effective with the substances it contains.

Overall, there are no adverse effects in drinking green tea and no bad side-effects were ever claimed by those who have been drinking it for years. So, if you want a fit and healthy body, green tea is the drink that you’re looking for.


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