Green Tea Benefits: Keep your Body Healthy the Natural Way

Green Tea Benefits: Keep your Body Healthy the Natural Way

For people who buys weight loss products, green tea is one of the most popular products offered today. It is not fermented during the process and that’s why the buds and the leaves keep most of its natural components. This is the reason why green tea is becoming popular all over the world and health buffs are stocking up.

Aside from green tea benefits for weight loss, this organic product provides positive effects in different areas of the body. Advantages acquired from green tea doesn’t just involve internal upshots but of external outcomes too. These results may project on your entire body.

Anti-aging Benefits

Skin aging is mostly caused by the accumulation of free radicals in the body that damages the cells and promotes rapid aging of the skin cells. Free radicals are found naturally but their effect is increased by pollution, sunlight and other types of chemicals used in the skin. The body’s natural protection against free radicals is the superoxide dismutase. The body’s SOD is known to work well with catechins, a chemical found in green tea.

Tip: Having a great skin along with green tea benefits for weight loss will surely transform your physique and make you look more attractive than ever.

Anti-Bacterial Benefits

One cup of green tea is said to contain 100mg of catechins which is great for its antioxidant properties. Recent studies from Japan, Russia and USA also proved that catechins also help in protecting the body from bad bacteria. Catechins can restrain the production of gyrase, an enzyme needed by bacteria to multiply. By doing this, the growth of bacteria is prevented and the chance of getting an infection becomes lower.

Note: A study in Japan found a patient that had a Staph (Staphlylococcus), drug-resistant bacteria. The patient was treated with cathechin extract and the patient responded positively.

Helps Fight Cholesterol

There are two kinds of cholesterols; good cholesterol (HDL) and bad cholesterol (LDL). The catechins in green tea is known to act as an agent that lowers the amount of bad cholesterols in the body. Along with green tea benefits for weight loss, this ensure that you are not only thin but also healthy. Another study showed that another substance called flavonols found in green tea helps reduce the hardening of arteries by keeping your blood thin.

Fact: Cardiovascular diseases such as stroke and heart attack is the most common cause of death in countries like the USA.

Green Tea Benefits for Weight Loss

A Chinese medical text called Bencao Shiyi had a quote about green tea that goes “Drinking green tea daily will make you thin”. Today, modern medicine is understanding more about this great health benefit. If you like to read, you can also refer to Swen Wolfram’s piece about the anti-obesity effects of green tea to give you a more detailed information of how weight loss works.

Kou Tea weight loss experience

There are three compounds that act together and creates the green tea benefit for weight loss; catechins, caffeine and theanine. Researchers used animals while monitoring their weight, fat levels and food intake as well as other health indicators. In the end, they found that these compounds seem to act together to help a person loss weight.

Another study by Chinese scientists showed that how weight loss happens is that these chemicals helps suppress the fatty acids in the body. This means that these chemicals regulate the genes that are responsible for the productions of fatty acids. It is also a known fact that cholesterol and weight loss go hand in hand. As mentioned above, green tea helps get rid of bad cholesterols which can also aid in faster weight reduction.

Tip: When weight loss occurs, you a lower chance of having high cholesterol. This means you hit two birds with one stone by drinking green tea every day.

Prevents Bad Breath and Tooth Decay

Fluoride is added to toothpastes and water as the chemical that prevents tooth decay. Green tea is an organic source of fluoride and it also has some anti-bacterial effects. Because of this, you can rely on green tea to help you prevent cavities that lead to tooth decay as well as bad breath.

Cancer prevention

Cancer is one of the main cause of deaths in the world today and studies showed that green tea can help prevent cancer from starting including breast, prostate and lung cancer. An antioxidant called EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) is responsible for this according to the Kyushu University in Japan. Study claims that this antioxidant targets cancer cells and destroys them but leaves the healthy cells alone.

Fact: ECGC is a natural antioxidant that also promotes weight loss, helps in skin rejuvenation and promotes healthy digestion.


If you’re wondering about what weight loss tea works, green tea is a cheap, natural and easy to make healthy drink. It doesn’t have any negative side-effects and it is a great addition to your daily food intake. Instead of coffee, most people nowadays are switching to green tea as their go to hot drink not only for its great flavor but also for its health benefits. While overweight people might be lured to get interested in green tea benefits for weight loss, they can also enjoy lower cholesterol, glowing skin and better digestion. Therefore, this product can be very beneficial.


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